4 Things You Should Give Up to Find Soulmate Love (Part 1 of 4)

by Dr. Lara Fernandez on January 8, 2013

Give it up already, my soulmate seeking sistah! It’s 2013. It’s time to give up on what’s keeping you single, what’s keeping away true love, and what’s making each new year too much the same as the last year. I’d love to help you move into 2013 with a renewed and stronger resolve to BE the woman that will easily and gracefully attract her soulmate to her this year!

As you’ve already probably figured out by now, Johnny and I do not teach that in order to find your soulmate, all you need is a tighter dress, or a new lipstick, or a facelift… or anything that focuses on the outside. Not that looks aren’t important, they are. But if looks were everything, Jennifer Aniston or Kim Kardashian would have been long married to their soulmates! It’s certainly not for a lack of good looks or a great body or even intelligence or career success that many women don’t find their lifelong beloved partners and keep attracting the wrong ones.

It’s more about what’s going on in the inside that determines that quality of relationship you will find this year. It’s a lot about what are you willing to let go of to magnetize your man (not just ANY man, but the Man of Quality that you deserve… yes, they DO exist – we’ve video-interviewed a bunch and next month we’ll share it all with you!).

Wondering what to release in 2013 to be more attractive to love? Here’s a the start of quick checklist for you:

1. Robo-Negative Self Talk. (Feeling unlovable or unworthy)
All the books and workshops and courses in the world won’t help you if you keep being unkind to yourself. Beating yourself up only brings your magnetic vibration down the scale… it CANNOT raise your vibration and CANNOT help you live the life of your dreams! You cannot whip yourself into success.

You’ll definitely want to let go of shame, blame, and regret about being alone right now… about your mistakes that you made in the distant and not-so-distant past, and trust what I’m saying here:


All you’ve got is right now, dear one. Start here, start right now from this place. Start being kind, loving, and gentle to yourself. You don’t have to be “perfect” just kind-er, gentle-er, and more loving today than yesterday. The Universe will only treat you as well as you treat yourself, not a smidgen more!

If you are judging yourself, then you are judging others by that same harsh measure… and darling, it’s not pretty. It’s repelling your beloved, it’s repelling your sacred dreams from coming into fruition, and hell, it’s repelling abundance and prosperity from coming into your life and staying, too.

Here’s a great affirmation to help you start to turn the negative self talk around:

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am right now.
I am worthy of love

Keep in mind, your ego mind (the negative voice inside your head) will tell you that affirmations don’t work and that all of this personal growth stuff is just a waste of time. Don’t listen to it. When I started doing my personal growth journey to Johnny, I was doing affirmations up the wazoo, I was taking classes and courses and workshops, I hired a love coach… in other words, it works! I invested time, energy and money in ME… and my whole life changed dramatically for the better!

So, are you willing to give up your negative self talk to attract the life of your dreams? What are you going to DO after reading this article to help you eliminate or dramatically lessen the negative self talk in your head? Please share in the comments below. I love to hear from you and I do my best to respond to every comment.

Please join me next week as I cover the 2nd thing to give up in 2013 in order to attract your soulmate!


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